Betty Keogh’s Story

April 17, 2012

Betty KeoghBetty Keogh

Betty Keogh was 5 years and 8 months at the time of the bombing. She lived with her parents and brother in a rented room at 10 Charleville Mall. The house was completely destroyed by bombing and family lost all of their possessions, (later receiving just £18 compensation). Betty talks about her memories of the night, including sheltering in the basement and at nearby convent. She also discusses the aftermath of bombing, playing in the rubble as a child, moving in with her aunt in East Wall, and her father joining the British Army.

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Betty’s Story

April 8, 2011

Betty Keogh[audio version available]

My memories of the North Strand bombing come from very clear images of a 5 year old. My name is Betty Keogh and my parents were Dora Dempsey, married to Jack Keogh.  My brother Noel was 8 years old on that terrible night. We lodged with a family in no.10 Charleville Mall. I woke up that night to the screams and crying of my mother and everyone around us. I could see my parents clearly by the window looking skyward and clinging to each other. Shortly after, my father went out and joined up with other men to go and find out what exactly was happening. He was gone a long time so my mother put myself and my brother Noel into a bed with the son of the family we lodged with so she could search for my Dad.

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