Luftwaffe Photographs of Dublin City and County

March 25, 2014

Peter Mulvany, co-ordinator of the Trinity College Dublin War Memorial Project:

I have recently become aware of a batch of Luftwaffe photographs showing area of Dublin City and County in July August and December 1940. The Liffey Dockyard photos are relevant to my family, as on the 24 Dec 1940, the date of the photo taken by the Germans over the dockyard, my father was working in the dockyard all day until very late that Christmas Eve. No doubt there are other families in the Dublin North Inner City and further afield who would not have seen these photos and will hopefully be of some help and inform the wider debate. With that in mind, I now have a new webpage online with some background and various links to sources, see and a slideshow of photographs. These photos have been redited to enhance the picture and make it easier to view. The slideshow buttons on bottom of the page can adjust to full screen if required.
These Luftwaffe aerial photos show Dublin City and County, including the Liffey Dockyard, North Strand and Trinity College Dublin. The markings in black have been done by a Luffwaffe photographic imagist and are very accurate which was not normally a practice of the Germans. In many cases Luftwaffe aerial photographs taken over the UK were unreliable and imprecise because the Nazis had no backup eyes on the ground intelligence to establish as to what was what. In contrast, the Dublin photos are very accurate indeed which suggest that the Nazis had other info to inform their Dublin maps.


Photograph of Civil Defence Fire Fighting Company

June 17, 2010

Photograph of the Civil Defence Fire Fighting Company, donated by Paddy Kelly

Civil Defence Fire Fighting Company

Photo 1

This is a copy of the original photo held in the Corp of Engineers BRS, Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare.  The original photograph is 110cm  x 17cm. See photo 1 for complete photograph. See Photo 2-4 for different sections of original photo in greater detail. Click on photos to enlarge. Read the rest of this entry »

Reflection on the North Strand 1941 by John C. Carroll

June 10, 2010
Reflection on the North Strand 1941

Copyright John C. Carroll

John C. Carroll has donated a photograph to Dublin City Archives called ‘Reflection on the North Strand 1941’ in memory of those lives affected in any way by the bombing (death, trauma or relocation).  Carroll describes the image as follows: “It is showing the North Stand today (the streetscape has not really recovered from the bombing) with the flat complexes which are at right angles to the North Strand itself (as if turning away from it).  It has a large black shadow in the shape of a cross running diagonally across the photo to a spot very close to where the bomb was dropped.”