Hostile aircraft approaching Irish coast

‘Hostile aircraft approaching Irish coast’ –The air defence of Dublin and the North Strand Bombing.
A talk by Michael Kennedy at the North Strand Bombing and the Emergency in Ireland seminar held at Dublin City Library & Archive on Saturday, 29th May.


Listen here [play time: 41 mins] or Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 37.7 MB. Right-click, save as…]

Dr Michael Kennedy is the Executive Editor of the Royal Irish Academy’s Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series – volume VII (1941-45) of which  will be published later this year and will cover the North Strand bombing.  He has published widely on Irish political, diplomatic and military history.  His ‘Guarding Neutral Ireland’ (published in 2008) was the first book to examine the North Strand bombing from a military perspective.  He is currently completing (with Commandant Victor Laing of Military Archives) an edited edition of the Chief of Staff’s reports on the Defence Forces during the Second World War which will be published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission later this year. His talk is titled “‘Hostile aircraft approaching Irish coast’ — The Air defence of Dublin and the North Strand Bombing”.

Michael Kennedy and Victor Laing’s publication ‘The Irish defence forces 1940-1949, the Chief of Staff’s reports’ is available for consultation in the Reading Room, Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.


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