Mrs Beck’s Story

Today my mother recalled her memories of the 1941 bombing. She lived in Phibsborough and was eight years old at the time. My Mother’s family were friends with the McLoughlin family, of which Patrick and William were two of the deceased. Patrick (Paddy) McLoughlin lived on the North Strand with his wife (formerly Geraghty) and their two children. Mrs McLoughlin’s mother also lived nearby. My mother described the infant William McLoughlin as a beautiful blond-haired child that she and her friends would fawn over and push around in his pram.

On the night of May 31st Mrs McLoughlin became increasingly concerned about the welfare of her nearby mother, and the family decided that they would leave their home to check on her. Paddy left the house first taking the infant William. Mrs McLoughlin and their daughter stayed behind momentarily to gather some of the family’s personal effects. Paddy and William were not seen again.


One Response to Mrs Beck’s Story

  1. Carmel Ennis says:

    My fathers name was William McMahon he was a friend of Paddy McLoughlin. I can remember as a child being told of the North strand bombing. We had a photo of Paddy McLoughlin and his beautiful son William.

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